Tree Medicine

The Taoist view of trees is to see them constantly in meditation, with subtle energy as their natural language.

David has a deep and meaningful connection to trees and forests.  One of his chief passions is to share the wisdom and skills he has developed while interacting with trees.  Trees offers a special kind of medicine to us humans, beneficial on all levels. By working with the tree's energy, a skill also called Tree Reiki by David, there is an energetic exchange that occurs which benefits both beings. We may understand this process intellectually by looking at the symbiotic relationship with how we breath and trees' essential role. As we breath out carbon dioxide and trees take that in, transform it for their benefit, and through the process release oxygen for our benefit.  There is a corresponding energetic transfer also available to us in much the same way when we come in close proximity to the trees.  Some of the benefits David has discovered include:

  • increased clarity and vitality
  • deep sense of peace and connection
  • appreciating the natural beauty of this world
  • increases awareness of our physical being and a fuller embodiment
  • creates a feeling of spaciousness and the infinite
  • release of waste energies and receiving beneficial energy
  • knowing of the interconnectedness of all things

To schedule a session with David contact him directly.


1-2 hours teaching nature skills: $150

2-3 hours teaching & healing in nature: $200

Earth Mentor David Nelson came out to my house and did a session with me. It was superb. Since living on the river I felt like energetically the river was taking some of my physical energy and I’ve felt drained since I’ve moved here a year and a half ago. David help me make peace not only with the river, he also provided useful insight about the surrounding area and islands. He helped clear the stuck energies there and enabled the healing of the land to be unleashed. He connected me to our grandmother tree to clear, ground and energize myself and also the universe, all united and working together. Thank you David!
— Lori Bestler, Mind Empowerment Coach