Empower and Alignment Sessions

These powerful sessions are done through the internet (typically Skype) or in person (including in nature).  They are the culmination of years of David's spiritual and energetic practices and therefore eclectic in nature.  Each session is customized to meet the specific needs and desires or the client and may  include grounding (connecting to the Earth Energy), some form of meditation, and deep, connected discussion. 

These sessions flow about one hour, though the benefits begin the moment you sign up and continue to expand after the session.  At the end of the session, David offers practices to support the integration of the session including some of the potential benefits listed below:

  • a feeling of expansiveness
  • increased connection to higher Self and the Divine
  • a release of what no longer serves you
  • embodiment of new gifts and wisdom
  • deeper alignment with your essential nature
  • feeling a new level of power, vitality and enthusiasm

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.  


1 hour- $100

4-Pack (1 hr sessions)- $300

Even though I just met David, the knowledge that he was doing skype sessions was an automatic yes for me to do one with him because I already resonated with his words and energy. The session itself was loving and opened up such a safe place for my own personal expansion. Afterword my whole body was buzzing with gratitude and a renewed sense of peace! Thank you David! I feel I have a new soul family member in you!
— Bethany Pool