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Unplug for a weekend and join in on an exploration of healing, rejuvenating, relaxing, and releasing through the joyful guided connection to nature.


The retreat takes place at Bear Head Lake near Ely, Minnesota, the gateway to the Boundary Waters.  We'll be staying at an exclusive secluded campsite overlooking Bear Head Lake.  We'll have our own private dock and swimming area plus access to miles of hiking.  Fall colors are expected to be in full swing.  And more than likely the bugs will be gone at this time of year!

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About the retreat:

-Learn simple yet powerful Earth-based practices you can take home with you that help navigate the ups and downs of life

-Explore nature in guided ways that can open new pathways to health, happiness, and joyfulness

-Share experiences, laughs and stories with like-hearted individuals 

-Eat yummy vegetarian organic and local fare often hot from the campfire

-A hands-on-learning experience with plenty of opportunity for question and answer in a small group setting


- A manual with Earth-based practices from the retreat (and beyond) by David Nelson and Laura Adrian ($20 value)


You'll learn practices that can help:

-Manage overwhelm and stress

-Sparks new truths

-Understand the causes of stress and its release

-Develop a sense of clarity when feeling scattered

-Support vitality and health

Guided by: David Nelson & Laura Adrian


David is a teacher, healer, and forever student of life’s mysteries. His passion is to help people overcome challenges and discover for themselves what’s on the other side of suffering.  

His work is experiential and includes 1-1 mentoring in person or by Skype, Empowerment Circles, Nature workshops and retreats. He has training in Buddhism, Qigong, Reiki and Earth practices among other modalities. His offerings are an eclectic inspiration of his spiritual experiences.  They don’t fit into a box, and neither do any of us! 


Laura is a multi-modal healer, spiritual explorer, and forever a student of life.  Her aim is to support people on their paths to uncover their power and passion through practices that are non-harming, empowering, and fun.  Laura has training in two types of yoga, CranioSacral Therapy, EnergyWork, EarthWork and mindfulness meditation.  She is also the Founder of the School of Earth Medicine.

Planning & Travel

Location: The retreat takes place at a large secluded group campsite adjacent to Bear Head Lake just outside of Ely, Minnesota about 3.5 hours from the Twin Cities.

Gear: You'll need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. We'll send out a detailed packing list about a month before the trip.

Arrival: Participants can arrive as early as 4pm Friday, September 21st. Program closes with lunch on Sunday but participants can stay and enjoy nature at the campsite as late as 4pm.

Food: We'll provide all the food, ingredients, and cookware.  Participants are invited to help prepare the food as a way to connect to the Earth and each other. We use almost 100% Organic and/or local foods.  Meals are vegetarian with dairy-free and gluten free options.


1) Click the button here to register.

2) Within 24-48 hours of registering you'll receive a welcome email.

3) Stay-tuned for emails regarding packing list and trip details.