David has developed a simple and fun, yet powerful, process for working with the giving and receiving of unconditional love & experiencing a profound sense of deep connection.

David is a master at creating a safe container for workshops, supporting the full opening of the heart and mind.  After the circle there is an opportunity to stay if you wish to talk and connect with others.  No experience necessary....come and in-Joy!

Should You consider going to an Empowerment Circle?

Yes, if any of these speak to you:

  • you desire authentic connection
  • you want to deepen your experience of love and oneness 
  • you would benefit from giving and recieving in a grounded heart-centered way
  • you want to recharge and experience a deep sense of peace





After the healing circle, I realized I could bring this to the real world. I need to be kind and accept myself. I could be a healer and be healed.
I enjoyed the circle immensely. I felt acceptance, positive vibes, love and tears of joy


  • lasting rejuvenation, revitalization, and invigorating

  • sense of community

  • deep experience of peace

  • fun and joyful

  • release of that which no longer serves (spiritual, physical, and/or emotional)

  • every session includes a teaching of a grounding process


Through this enjoyable guided process, you will feel the power of giving and receiving support, love and energy.  You will begin first in either the giver or receiver mode.  As the circle moves you can deepen your understanding of each particular role and how it benefits you.  The circle completes itself when each person has connected to everyone as both a giver and receiver.  From the place of energized Oneness at the completion of the circle we send out a blessing for the benefit of all beings. 

“I truly enjoy David’s circles because of the sense of connection, not only to those present in the circle. but to all beings on earth and beyond, including humans, trees, and all souls. It’s easy to connect with nature in the beautiful setting in Afton. David’s words and energy support a deep and spiritual connection with all life and love forces.”
— Don Barret