Power of Grounding

Earth connection is the foundation of my practice.
How could this not be the topic for my first blog????
I teach grounding, that is sending our focus down into the earth and allowing the earth energy to come into and through our body. This is always happening, but we can deepen the experience and benefit!

I find resistance to this in some spiritual people who just want to go up (over even out of the human form). I say you must go down to go up!  That is by fully connecting to this earth, this life, this body, it allows us to access a far greater energy from above from an empowered centered place and embody that energy here!
Parenthetically, you must also go in to go out!  To fully move into the body, into the senses, allows us to know we are  more than this body, this mind, this life. 

In Buddhist meditation (Vipassana) we first focus on the breath, feeling it come in and out with great detail. This allows the mind to begin to quiet. The breath just is. We don't consciously breath, it is the inherent intelligence of the body, of the human being. As we focus on this effortless flow it begins to relax the mind and body, freeing the flow of Life. 

Next in Buddhist meditation we move from observing the breath to observing body sensations, feeling the different itches and twitches of the body and our "involuntary" response to them. We begin to feel the urge to scratch and instead of just scratching we understand we have more space there then we know, we have much more choice in our lives and actions then we believe. We begin to free up our conditioned mind.

Finally, after continued practice, we feel the sensation of being alive-this spacious, joyfully peaceful awareness!
This transcendent "Isness", Oneness, Eternity...really the unnameable, which is all there is!
Ironically, here in lies freedom; by going down and in, we can with practice become limitless and the artificial barriers dissolve leaving only the great I AM. There are many ways to get here, yet grounding is simple, available anytime, anywhere and is free!

So yes, please go plant your feet in the soil, or your back against the tree and perceive your body, your breath,  and being tutored by the earth! Open to a greater awakening of the the truth of who and what you are and all of reality.....re-joy-ce in this blessed playground!