I’m a teacher, healer, and forever student of life’s mysteries.  My passion is to help people overcome challenges and discover for themselves what’s on the other side of suffering.  

EarthMentor jumping off a cliff in Australia 

EarthMentor jumping off a cliff in Australia 

Anxiety, frustration, stress, confusion, pain, sadness, anger, fear, if we haven’t experienced all of the above, then I would say you’re probably not human.  While these are a part of life, they don’t have to rule your life.  And I truly believe that everyone has access to what’s on the other side, which is often a deep sense of love for yourself and others.  

It’s a winding road, and doesn’t generally happen overnight, but with some practices, mentoring, and commitment, it may be more than just a possibility. 

You may have attended workshops or read some books promising a cure for suffering, with minimal success.  And, that’s probably because you didn’t do the work necessary to make lasting changes.  All of my offerings provide students with the opportunity for an embodied experience.  What that really means, is that through the practices I teach, you will have new wisdom, insights, and shifts occur.  



If you are curious about exploring this journey, my major modalities I offer are 1-1 mentoring in person or by Skype, Empowerment Circles, workshops, and retreats.  My offerings are an eclectic inspiration of my spiritual experiences.  They don’t fit into a box, and neither do any of us!  

 Often I get asked, “how did I get to where I am?”

I worked for over 20 years as a professional money manager.  I was living my version of the America Dream.  I was making six figures, had a loving wife and two kids.  Yet as if it were yesterday, I remember explicitly feeling an emptiness.  Like something was missing.  I had it all…a life people dream of…yet I didn’t have it all.

After much soul searching and heart opening, I jumped. I retired from banking and explored my spirit, discovering and unveiling of my heart’s truth. I took some time off.  I studied with master healers.  Got trained in Reiki at the master level.  Went through 4 levels of Spring Forest Qigong. Lived like a Buddhist Monk in New Zealand. And studied the healing power of nature which is now the foundation of all my teachings.  My classes, retreats and mentoring are not only a weaving of what I have studied yet also a Divine co-creation with you and Spirit. 


That brings me to present day.  My teaching inspires my life, and my life inspires my teaching.
There is no boundary; it is all my path. I am honored to support you on your path to now, to your essential and eternal divine nature.